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Sloe Syrup
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Sloe Syrup

Sloe Syrup

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Sticky and sweet - perfect on ice cream!
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October 2021

Sloe gin is such a staple of the casual forager's repertoire that it hardly seems worthwhile waxing lyrical here. That said, alcohol (and therefore gin) is a great vessel for flavour and can show off ingredients that are tricky to get to grips with. You can also get the same elevated taste from sugar and a simple syrup such as this takes what is quite an unremarkable stone fruit when eaten directly from the hedgerow (you actually won't do that twice as they are unpalatable and dry) but with a bit of botanical extraction - in this case via heat and sugar - you can create something that unlocks those hidden flavours and brings something new to the breakfast table.

This sloe syrup is perfect on ice-cream, yoghurt and any other rich dairy products. For those who enjoy a bit more pizzazz in the kitchen, try it drizzled on some pumpkin pie or swizzled into a cocktail in place of your plain Jane simple syrup for a wild twist to a classic.

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