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Dried Mixed Bolete Mushrooms
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Dried Mixed Bolete Mushrooms

Dried Mixed Bolete Mushrooms

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Rich and meaty - these are gourmet mushrooms at their best
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Species include: Bay Bolete, Larch Bolete, Suede Bolete, Red-Cracked Bolete, Scarletina Bolete, Orange Birch Bolete and Brown Birch Bolete

Bolete mushrooms are possibly the most popular family of wild mushrooms. They are relatively easy to identify and are pretty common but, most importantly, they are delicious. The bolete species we’ve included in this mixture all have that signature ‘meaty’ flavour that is so highly-prized by chefs across the globe.

To use these dried mushrooms, we suggest soaking them in a little hot water (just enough to cover) and leaving them for a few hours to really infuse into the liquid. When you return to the container, you will be able to smell the aroma of the mushrooms in the liquid (gorgeous, right??) and the mushrooms themselves will have softened. It is at this point that some people strain discard the liquid and just use the soft mushrooms… MADNESS! It’s actually the liquid that is the better ingredient now and should be used in cooking. Despite all that, we suggest chucking the whole lot - liquid and mushrooms - into your meal. Stir fries, stews, gravies, risottos and anything else requiring the inclusion of stock is perfect. To keep it simple, a little softened onion and celery with this beautiful stock poured over the top makes a banging lunchtime soup.

As with all wild mushrooms, this needs to be cooked before consuming.

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