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Dandy Chutney by Hejgro
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Dandy Chutney by Hejgro

Dandy Chutney by Hejgro

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A deliciously tangy chutney made from dandelion roots
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May 2021

Dandelions and Nettles are ferociously abundant British superfoods under used in our diet. We've used dandelion root foraged from a pesticide free farm, Vallis Veg in Frome which has then been nail-brushed clean, soaked and dehydrated (so as to remove the excessive bitterness) and prepared with carrot, onions and fennel. This deliciously surprising chutney contains no added sugar -being sweetened naturally with a blend of dried fruits only. There is no added sugar and all non foraged ingredients are certified organic. The undertones behind the typical sweet and sour chutney blend are hints of mint and fennel which lovingly carry the hint of the bitter root. It's a Dandy!

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