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Dried Alexanders Seeds
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Dried Alexanders Seeds

Dried Alexanders Seeds

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May 2021

Forage Box superfans may remember the Fresh Alexanders we sent out in our subscription box (no longer available!) and may recall the uniquely aromatic flavour it brought to their dish of choice. We are taking this coastal plant to another level with these dried seeds, which have the undoubted flavour of spicy pepper, not unlike the Szechaun variety you find in exotic spice markets. How great is it, therefore, that we have this growing abundantly right here in the UK? Zero air miles, low-impact produce that is available nationwide. Summer is just about the end of fresh Alexanders season, but soon the flowers turn to seeds and the spice harvest can resume. The little black seeds will soon appear along the coast in preparation for further colonising our countryside next year. Please be aware that the umbels of these black seeds are perilously similar in appearance to those of the deadly Hemlock Water Dropwort and can be found in the same habitat - if you plan on finding it for yourself, never munch on a hunch.

You can use this native spice to tart up any plain cut of meat (bacon actually works surprisingly well) but we reckon the best thing to do is be bold - replace your pepper grinder with this one from time to time and transform your meals into something special every time you add a bit of seasoning.

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