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Dried Hen Of The Woods Mushroom
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Dried Hen Of The Woods Mushroom

Dried Hen Of The Woods Mushroom

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One of our favourite mushrooms. Meaty, umami, chunky.
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Very simply, this is quite possibly the tastiest wild mushroom out there (let’s pretend that truffles aren’t part of that competition for now!)

The name ‘Hen Of The Woods’ comes from the slightly feathery display this mushroom has which, combined with the sizes some of these beasts can get to, makes them unmistakable as a species and a really good beginners mushroom.

We find these mushrooms are best taking the spotlight in your meal and should be cooked in the simplest way possible. Instead of letting them get lost in a big stew or a heavy sauce, rehydrate and then enjoy in a little butter with just a simple seasoning. Add a dash of cream, a sprig of thyme or even a pinch of Parmesan for another dimension to what should be a cracking lunch. Don't forget to use the liquid the mushrooms rehydrated in too. There's enough in this 15g bag for a big mushroom-y dish or two lighter lunches.

As with most wild mushrooms, these need to be cooked before consuming.

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