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Wild Chaga Powder
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Wild Chaga Powder

Wild Chaga Powder

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Mushroom cocoa powder? Pretty much!
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Chaga fungus is a knobbly lump of brown and gold that grows on birch trees. It is as hard as the wood it resides in and really does not look like anything you'd want to consume. Looks can be deceiving though, so with a bit of work with an axe, a dehydrator and an industrial spice grinder, the result is suddenly a very appetising one. This woody fungus suddenyl resembles, and indeed tastes like, fine cocoa powder. And that's precisely how you should use it - our favourite way is in into a sort of hot chocolate with a bit of brown sugar and hot milk. Set your minds to 'blow' because you'll be amazed this mushroom really does taste like chocolate. Add to that the reputed super-powers of this medicinal mushroom and it might just become your new favourite wild food!

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