The story of Forage Box starts many years ago when Founder and Chief Forager, Jim, could be found playing in the woods as a child. Combining this connection with the wild and a love of food led naturally to becoming interested in foraging and learning about wild plants and fruits soon followed. Growing up, Jim was inspired by his Granny’s love of finding wild mushrooms and quickly learned about the safety and edibility of this fascinating world. 

Fast forward to January 2020, and Jim launched Forage Box. The intention has always been to reconnect people with wild food, inspiring people to use foraging as a means to enhance their own home-cooked meals. The company has evolved from its beginnings - our wild food subscription boxes and Wild Deli being our most notable projects - and the focus is now a lot more about education. Forage Box’s motto, ‘Always Wild. Always Sustainable. Always Delicious.’, has always influenced decision making, and we are proud that the company has grown without compromising on these three elements. 

Along with our micro-batches of wild products, our foraging workshops are a perfect way to engage with the natural world, learn new skills, improve your health and try new flavours. Whether it is hardy herbs harvested in winter, tender greens gathered in spring, succulent seaweeds plucked from the sea in summer, or fascinating fungi foraged in autumn, we have a foraging workshop suitable for everyone with events all over the country!

Nature offers us an entire world of unexplored flavours and we want to showcase them in their various forms to show you how versatile, interesting and delicious wild food can be.

Whether you join us for one of our popular foraging workshops, treat yourself to an item or two from our online shop, or spend a lunch break watching Forage Box TV, you will find that foraged food soon transforms your life for the better!

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