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Sea Buckthorn Juice
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Sea Buckthorn Juice

Sea Buckthorn Juice

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A bit passionfruity and very grapefruity - a true breakfast superfood!
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Not many would think of sand dunes and coastal car parks as being a haven for so-called ‘superfoods’, but you will probably find the incredible Sea Buckthorn growing very happily in these environments (although councils now use these tough shrubs to cover roundabouts and verges so you might be closer to a patch than you think). The berries are bright orange and always abundant, yet they are very delicate, full of juice and are guarded by vicious thorns and therefore seldom get picked by the casual forager. We reckon it is worth it though! Packed with vitamins and minerals, and with a mouth-puckering acidity that sees it compared to grapefruit and passionfruit, this berry deserves far more credit than it currently gets. You can drink this juice smugly then, knowing you are only one of a few who have experienced its amazing citrus flavours and taken on the big hit of health-boosting goodness!

Drink it instead of your morning glass of grapefruit juice, or try it with a splash of sparkling wine for a Sea Bucks Fizz. 

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