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Apple Blossom Pale (Ethicurean x Earth Ale)
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Apple Blossom Pale (Ethicurean x Earth Ale)

Apple Blossom Pale (Ethicurean x Earth Ale)

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Light, crispy, floral. Made using foraged ingredients.
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Apple Blossom Pale is inspired by the Ethicurean's unique approach to food merged with Earth Ale's passion for brewing interesting, wild beer. They celebrate the ingredients that each season brings, from their Barley Wood Garden and beyond, so every dish captures a real sense of time and place.

Infused with petals from their orchards, Apple Blossom Pale is reminiscent of that special time of year when the trees begin to flower - signalling a promise of the fruit to come. The result is a light and refreshing pale, with a slight golden haze and delicate notes of apple blossom.

330ml can

3.2% ABV

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