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Rowan and Redcurrant Shrub
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Rowan and Redcurrant Shrub

Rowan and Redcurrant Shrub

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Halfway between a juice and a fresh cordial, and a perfect soft drink for those who like tangy fruit!
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Rowan is one of those wild fruits that appears in such abundance it seems a shame that it doesn't really get used beyond the classic jelly. Whilst this is a superb addition to any cheeseboard, it loses its aromatic bitterness (sometimes likened to Angostura bitters) in the cooking process. We therefore thought it was time to show it off in a purer form by blitzing a bumper crop into a raw-cordial-juice-fusion-like drink called a shrub. Any shrub is essentially made by mixing one parts each of the fruit, vinegar and sugar to create a tangy, fruity, raw hit of juice that is perfect in cocktails, mixed with soda or even sipped neat. This one especially works as a sort-of 'grown up' soft drink for those bored with the usual post-mix drivel served to designated drivers across the country.

Reduced due to October 2023 Best Before Date

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