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Lacto-Fermented Wild Garlic
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Lacto-Fermented Wild Garlic

Lacto-Fermented Wild Garlic

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Punchy garlic preserve that goes with just about anything!
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Arguably the biggest celebrity of the foraging world, Wild Garlic is already a bit of a household name, popping up on restaurant menus across the country. You can probably even buy it fresh from a quality greengrocer when it is season in Spring and early Summer. For this product, we  preserved some using the lacto-fermention method, which also happens to add depths of flavours and a complexity not found with the fresh plant (FYI lacto-fermentation is the same process that makes gherkins, kimchi, sauerkraut and other tangy pickles. You will even find it in some beers!). The result is a salty, tangy pickle with loads of garlic punch!

It is a tricky product to pin down to a particular style of cooking. We’ve had it in sandwiches, as part of a brunch, blended into a pasta sauce, whizzed to include in a superb garlic bread and even just enjoy eating it straight from the jar! It will stand up to a lot that you throw at it, so let your instincts guide you and throw it into every meal! The ‘brine’ that is left once all the leaves, stems and flowerbuds have been eaten even makes a great alternative whenever a recipe calls for a pinch of salt.

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