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Oak Leaf Ale
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Oak Leaf Ale

Oak Leaf Ale

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A bit like a very pale ale but with a surprising woodland edge
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This surprising brew was a bit of an accident after experimenting years ago trying to push the boundaries with the majestic oak tree as an ingredient. Whilst acorns often take the headlines, the humble oak leaf can be used in a number of ways (we've also stock oak leaf tea, which always goes down a treat!) due to it's warm tannins, soft woodland flavour and relative abundance. This batch was actually made after receiving a review from a family member who gave a trial batch a glowing critique - and so it became one of our flagship bottles!

As with all of our products, this is part of a micro-batch so each bottle comes with a handwritten label and individually numbered to really let you know just how much love and care has gone into making this artisan product.

Treat it like a very light pale ale: serve it chilled, pour it carefully and sip it in the sunshine.

5% ABV, 330ml

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