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Mermaids Hair Seaweed
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Mermaids Hair Seaweed

Mermaids Hair Seaweed

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Rich, umami flavours perfect sprinkled over eggs
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September 2021

Lurking in the great jungles of bladderwrack found not-too-far down the beach will be this delicate, little seaweed, where it clings parasitically to its host plant just waiting for those in the know to come and make use of its hidden flavours. Nicknamed a number of things relating to its hair-like looks (use your imagination), it doesn't really look like much to get excited about. After carefully extracting it from its host plant, thoroughly rinsing it and drying it, you are left with brittle, powdery fronds that are packed with umami and truffle-y flavours that make this an incredible seasoning for a number of dishes.

Try it powdered and sprinkled over anything you would truffle - scrambled eggs, red meat, creamy pasta, risotto - and marvel at how something so slight and delicate can enhance savoury dishes in the way it does. Just a sniff of the open bag should start your culinary imagination going!

It may be that your packet comes with a few strands of the more robust bladderwrack in there too. As these two seaweeds live in harmony with each other, it is only natural that sometimes they find it hard to part company! This is nothing to worry about - it is perfectly edible too, after all - but you may wish to discard these tougher pieces when enjoying Mermaids Hair.

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