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Wild Mirabelle Plum ACV
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Wild Mirabelle Plum ACV

Wild Mirabelle Plum ACV

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Wild Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) infused with wild mirabelle plums - beautiful stuff!
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Pound for pound, we reckon mirabelle plums (and also cherry plums, a slightly different species) might just be the tastiest fruit out there. Their syrupy sweetness is always a pleasure and there never seems to be enough growing in our hedgerows. They are a real ‘glut’ crop too, with some years seeing almost nothing on even the most reliable trees. It’s good to take advantage of a bumper year then, and that’s what we have done for this tangy product.

In our quest to keep things wild, we gathered some gnarly wild apples and turned them into a raw apple cider vinegar (ACV), highly-prized for its health benefits. By simply infusing mirabelle plums in the vinegar for nearly a year, we’ve created something tangy but with a decent fruity backbone. Yes, it might upset vinegar purists who would say that vinegar needs to be made from a base wine (they are probably right!) but this infused vinegar is still delicious so we think it’s fine to bend the rules on this occasion.

This sour vinegar can be enjoyed as part of a dressing, over chips or wherever else you would want a sharp, acidic hit. For those of you who are more adventurous, try kick-starting your morning with a teaspoon of this diluted in a glass of water - the reputed health benefits of doing this with ACV are well-documented.

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