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What’s Happening To The Monthly Forage Box?

What’s Happening To The Monthly Forage Box?

Every so often, I get contacted by an advertising company or journalist who asks to speak to a member of Forage Box’s marketing team. This is a huge compliment as it suggests that this little company gives off the impression of a food subscription juggernaut - your Gustos, your Hello Freshs, your Grazes - and it always seems to be a bit of a shock when I reply with a polite decline to their proposed six-figure marketing deals and that we don't have such a department. It’s a great indicator as to what Forage Box has grown to be and, although we are merely masquerading as a big company rather than delivering as one, it shows just how much more we can grow.

I’m not telling you this merely as some sort of flagrant brag, but more as a jumping off point for where Forage Box is going next. You may be excited to learn that our online shop is expanding, our workshops are improving and increasing in number, not to mention the many projects in the pipeline such as the launch of a 100% foraged gin, more content on our Youtube channel (Forage Box TV) and, for those lucky enough to live in the North West of England, Forage Box’s Wild Deli is set to fully open its doors in early 2022. With all that excitement stil to come, and considering the success of the monthly subscription service, we have also decided to evolve the format of our Monthly Forage Boxes.

Those of you reading this before the middle of December in 2021, when our Monthly Forage Box in its current format comes to an end, will be familiar with the five-product format that has served us so well up to now. However, we listen to all feedback and a common theme was often food going to waste or customers not sure about how to use their many items, most of which will be new ingredients and therefore a bit of a challenge to use. It simply does not make sense for a company with sustainability, anti-waste and home-cooking at its core to maintain this dynamic, and so from 13th December 2021, our new Monthly Forage Box will be launching.

So, what’s different?

Well, first of all, it will all look a lot nicer. Although we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, consumers consume with their eyes first and as such we have improved our packaging and overall brand. Many of our loyal customers were originally gifted a subscription, so we want to make sure that anyone else receiving one for a special occasion feels like they’ve been given something that not only delivers on flavour, but also looks the part.

The main difference, however, will be that each Monthly Forage Box will now be specifically fresh ingredients only. More specifically, each box will contain one freshly-picked, wild product but a whole lot more of it. Just think: in April, you’ll end up with half a kilogram of wild garlic to play with; in Summer, you’ll have an abundance of coastal vegetables to throw a dinner party with; and in Autumn, mushrooms that were sent out in single portions previously will suddenly pop up in meals right through the week. Cooking with fresh food is one of life’s great pleasures and we want to encourage you all to do the same, with our foraged produce becoming a welcome sight when you open the fridge, rather than a burden to deal with around the overwhelming pace of modern life.

By reading this, you have the chance to be first to sign up for the new box, launching in January 2022. We know that migrating to the new subscription is possibly a mild inconvenience, so to show our appreciation for those sticking with Forage Box, along with all new customers too, we will be including a free product from our online marketplace to sweeten the deal. It’s clearly bribery to make up for having to spend the sixty seconds it will take to re-enter your customer details. The annoying thing really is that we cannot do that for you - legally it is a big no-no as the products are two separate things - but we hope the bonus gift and quality of the new box will be enough motivation for you.

For those of you who DID enjoy the challenge of five wild products each month, you’ll be pleased to know that our most popular products will become a mainstay of the online shop and will be available in larger quantities, having also had a bit of a make-over. There are plenty of other projects on the go, here at Forage Box HQ, but it is our flagship subscription service which we want to shout loudest about right now.

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